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opa - the organization for professional astrology
The Organization for
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opa - the organization for professional astrology
The Organization for
Professional Astrology
OPA Spring 2023 Virtual Conference

Calling All Astrologers and Astrology Lovers to Join Us for our
Spring Virtual Conference

Time for Technique

April 21-23, 2023

Last year at I-Astrologer, OPA showed you how to build your astrology practice with practical business training. This time we are taking you even further.

Twelve brilliant astrologers will bring you presentations designed to grow your technical skills and help boost your understanding of different cosmic connections.

Our goal is to create an intimate and educational space for those who love astrology to develop skills, feel supported, be inspired, and deepen their practice.

This will be a weekend filled with the nuts and bolts of astrology—fascinating technique talks for all levels from a superbly experienced faculty.

OPA Members: $145 earlybird until March 31, then $175
Non-members: $195 earlybird, $225 late
Recordings available until October 31

2023 Spring Virtual Conference Schedule

FRIDAY, April 21
09:00 – Opening | Kay Taylor
09:15 – PinBall Approach to Astrology | Anne Ortelee
10:30 – The Promise of Solar Returns | Lynn Bell
11:45 – Timing with Progressions | Rachel Lang
01:00 – Relationship Evolution: Progressed Natal, Synastry & Composites | Kay Taylor

SATURDAY, April 22
09:00 – The Business Chart | Georgia Stathis
10:15 – Making Saturn Returns Count | Sam Reynolds
11:30 – Role of luminaries in horary | Wade Caves
12:45 – Break – Zoom social rooms
02:00 – Beyond Sustainability: Framework for an Astrology-Informed Regenerative Future | Taylor Shuler
03:15 – Kepler Toastmasters Club winner | Meghna Bhagat

SUNDAY, April 23
09:00 – Jupiter V Saturn during Pluto-in-Aquarius Times | Roy Gillett
10:15 – The Shadow of the Mysterious 8th House |
Martin Moritz
11:30 – Working with Difficult Transits | Amanda Moreno
12:45 – The Indispensable Keys to Analysis |
Elisabeth Grace
02:00 – Closing remarks | Kay Taylor
02:00 – Social Hour zoom rooms

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Special presentation by Meghna Bhagat – winner of the Toastmasters Club contest of Kepler college

Why? Why? Why?
Questions as Technique to Invoke Outer Planetary Archetypes in Clients

Evolutionary astrology asks, Why? Why… Do I have this birth chart? Why…Was I born into this family, culture, circumstance? Why do I keep falling into the same traps? And… very importantly, how do I change? Questions offer options, possibility, open-endedness… they kindle inquiry, digging, selfawareness. They help us become the authors of our own lives. Every planet, every sign, every house, aspect, point… they all ask questions, sometimes multiple questions. In this talk we explore the questions that outer planets ask. We play with how to customize them to fit each individual client’s chart and circumstance. We explore how in the invoking of these questions during a reading, the natal chart can continue to bloom within the client long after the reading/consultation itself is complete.

Meghna Bhagat

Meghna Bhagat. A lifelong student of the mysteries, I’ve traveled delightful, sometimes unconventional, roads across the globe both physically and philosophically in pursuit of questions. Wondering about the nature of existence has taken me through academia and esoteric traditions of the East and West, personal growth and counseling modalities… always into rich, deep, and often perplexing, territory.

When I encountered the depth of insight available through evolutionary astrology, I recognized a powerful tool for the journey. Astrology’s potential for healing and growth spurred me to its study. My focus is choice-centered, question-based, evolutionary astrology as taught primarily by Steven Forrest, among many others. And, it includes a grounding in traditional techniques learned through Kepler College, the STA and several others. To more know, visit, www.HowBelow.com

Presentation Descriptions & Speaker Bios

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anne ortelee


PinBall Approach to Astrology

Friday 9:15 AM

The Pinball Technique approaches a natal chart by looking at the flow of the energy between the planets as a holistic system of energy. It is a combination Horary, Uranian, Jyotish Vedic and Western astrological techniques combined with my computer programming background to describes how the natal energy forms a unique planet arrangement. It considers each transit as part of an overall process or “pinball game” as the transits trigger the natal chart in degree order. Guides you how transits trigger the chart and works with our more difficult or challenging aspects in a clear and concise way showing when the energy will peak, bottom or change. It is easy to learn, teach, integrate and understand.

lyn bellLYNN BELL

The Promise of Solar Returns

Friday 10:30 AM

Every year, when the Sun returns to its place at our birth, a new cycle begins. Each year on our birthday we have an opportunity for a celestial recharge, and many planets will have shifted in the sky, bringing with them new possibilities and promises. How do we work with these fascinating, complex charts? This talk will focus on powerful keys for using solar returns. How to determine what is significant? We will look at the cyclic repetitions and resonant aspects that run through these charts over time, specifically the 19-year cycle that runs through our solar returns.


Timing with Progressions

Friday 11:45 AM

Secondary progressions advance a natal chart to show the unconscious motivations for what’s happening in someone’s life, often providing clarification about the meaning of life events. This powerful forecasting tool helps us see the growth and evolution of an individual from the time of birth, but it can be used in a practical way to time decisions or points of action. This talk will outline four key considerations in forecasting with secondary progressions to help you be more accurate with forecast timing. We will explore specific examples for working with each. Be prepared to interact and amaze yourself as you deepen your understanding of this technique.


Relationship Evolution: Progressed Natal, Synastry & Composites

Friday 1:00 PM

Although natal charts reflect our core nature and life path, over time we embody the secondary progressed chart as an overlay. This applies to relationship composites and synastry too, providing powerful medicine for couple’s consultations. Natal charts provide the fundamental blueprint; progressed charts depict emerging themes, strengths, and weaknesses. We’ll explore an evolutionary approach to transition and growth periods via progressions that may not show up in natal analysis.

georgia stathisGEORGIA STATHIS

The Business Chart: Some Insights

Saturday 9:00 AM

Business Charts are not as daunting as they may sometimes seem. Knowing natal astrology is key along with what is happening in the world of business. They lean on each other – the ‘world’ shows you the dance of the planets and the fun of this is seeing how the two worlds seamlessly dovetail. Georgia presents examples of how she works, where to find the data as well as using concrete corporation examples, addressing such techniques as eclipse hits, nodal returns, solar arc directions and what happened to ‘whom’. This is a fun and informative lecture with examples coming from Georgia’s files derived from years of experience working in the world of astrology and investment and business.


Making your Saturn Returns Count

Saturday 10:15 AM

Although many astrologers have talked and written about the first Saturn return, there needs to be more discussion about how the first, second, and even third Saturn returns are tied together. There are conscious and straightforward ways to maximize the lessons from your Saturn returns, so they become a powerful statement on building a legacy and stepping into your sense of authority. In a 75-minute lecture, Reynolds will clarify how this can happen with examples.


The Role of the Luminaries in Horary

Saturday 11:30 AM

Before houses, before signs – humanity woke to itself under the heat and brilliance of twin luminaries, wheeling overhead and underfoot like two arms of a great clock. No matter how deep one goes down an astrological investigation, somehow it always leads you back to the Sun and Moon. Our focus in this webinar will be the luminaries: what they portend independently and together, and the many ways they shed light and illuminate key themes. If you have a judged horary with an angular luminary from your own practice, bring it with you!


Beyond Sustainability: Framework for an Astrology-Informed Regenerative Future

Saturday 2:00 PM

How can we employ astrology in an ethical manner to address pressing issues like climate change, hunger, housing insecurity and income inequality? This Earth Day, Taylor invites us to explore how the planets can guide us in taking practical action for building a better future for the earth, and for one another. Join us as Taylor introduces a new framework for working with the planets on both the personal and mundane levels, reframing and reclaiming essential dignity to encourage necessary, subversive activism, and looking at examples of how we might take advantage of upcoming transits to leave the world a little better than we found it.


Growth? Jupiter V Saturn during Pluto-in-Aquarius Times

Sunday 9:00 AM

As the world economy struggles out from the debris left by two-hundred years of Jupiter-conjunct-Saturn in Earth cycles and near-fifteen years of Pluto-in-Capricorn confrontation with economic reality, the cry of ‘growth’, from all sides of the political divide becomes louder and ever more desperately futile. Can our understanding of the nature of Jupiter and Saturn, and the critical relationship between them, help us see what is and is not real growth. What has gone wrong and can be changed for the better through the coming Pluto-in-Aquarius decades to achieve an ecologically balanced future for the planet?


Pandora’s Box: The Shadow of the Mysterious 8th House

Sunday 10:15 AM

In Hellenistic Astrology the 8th house is called ‘Epikataphora’ (casting down), a secret place of resilience and hope. We will explore how to access this reservoir of strength hidden beneath suppressed soul layers and unfinished business. The deeper one digs, the more complex this house becomes, and ancient and modern approaches complement each other rather than contradict themselves.


Working with Difficult Transits

Sunday 11:30 AM

Outer planet transits can take us for quite the ride. One of the benefits of astrological practice is that it helps us understand the timing of potentially difficult life passages as well as ways to work with what arises. In this lecture, we will discuss the challenges and potentials when Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto come to visit as well as ways to work with the energy at the physical, psychological and spiritual levels.


The Indispensable Keys to Analysis

Sunday 12:45 PM

The pioneering modern humanistic astrologer Noel Tyl taught his students a disciplined, streamlined approach designed to bring the horoscope vividly to life. His “indispensable keys to analysis” were — and still are — revolutionary, enabling the astrologer to — in his words — “center consultations on the reality experience of people rather than upon a compendium of technical textbook measurements.” Armed with these powerful tools, the astrologer can prepare a deeply meaningful consultation in less than 30 minutes.